your path to morningside.

transferring made simple.

the morningside college pathways (mcp) program is designed to encourage, facilitate and support the transfer process for students who begin their higher education journeys at a community college. launched with western iowa tech community college (witcc) here in sioux city, the mcp program is designed so that witcc students earn their associate's degrees before transferring to morningside.

three academic disciplines are eligible for the program at this time:

  • business and accounting
  • education
  • social and behavioral sciences

additional areas of study will be considered as the program develops.

qualified students interested in the mcp are encouraged to connect with witcc faculty and staff early in their degree program to prepare to apply for the mcp. admitted students will receive:

  • an academic roadmap that explores the coursework required to graduate on time
  • a financial plan and financial aid award

after committing to the mcp, students gain:

  • access to online and on-site advising and career planning tools available to first and second-year students at morningside
  • a morningside academic advisor and peer mentor who serve as resources for mcp students during their time at witcc
  • opportunities to participate in performing arts ensembles at morningside

as the time to transfer from witcc to morningside approaches, mcp students will be able to register for classes and select housing alongside their fellow incoming juniors at morningside.